a quick look into some of the smaller projects

ceramics ︎
homegoods ︎

packaging & graphics︎

Shenandoah Dinnerware:
The dinnerware set was inspired by the landscape of the shenandoah national park.
The turned stoneware utilizes walnut-colored clay with custom developed matte glaze to create a gradient mimickin the palette of the landscape.

︎︎︎custom matte glaze development from scratch

Desktop Organizer with a slot system for customization.

-Designed to hold desktop essentials while including a sphere shape drawer because why not. ︎

A kerf-bent broom with subtle curves to promote natural ergonomic grip position while sweeping.  With grass bristles and
kerf cut details, the broom is meant to be displayed in the living space instead of being tucked away in a dirty corner.

Tea Packaging
Shenzhen, China
In collaboration with Cav Yang

The folding tray made of poplar and walnut detail is designed to be used in the bed as a support for reading and laptop tasks. It’s also suitable as a side coffee table.